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38€ per Aspiratore Deerma (ecosistema Xiaomi) CM1910 con COUPON

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Aspiratore Deerma (ecosistema Xiaomi) CM1910

38€ 87€
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Aspiratore Deerma (ecosistema Xiaomi) CM1910 anti acaro con sterilizzazione UV, 3 modalità di utilizzo, potenza aspirante 6000Pa, batteria da 2200mAh per 30 minuti di autonomia, filtraggio HEPA.

● Vibrating UV mites chassis, wide suction nozzle, two-in-one flat suction 3 kinds of brush heads, you can adjust the cleaning mode at any time according to the cleaning needs

● There is no power cord, small and portable, the main unit is light to 1KG, and the trunk and seat can be cleaned at any time

● 3 rows of new honeycomb light-transparent holes protect the UV lamp while also allowing 253.7nm UV rays to illuminate and penetrate the layers of fabric to kill the mites

● Powerful DC motor, in addition to the dust mite controller mode: deep into each fiber; vacuum mode: adsorption on the desktop, bookcases and other dust and garbage

● ≥6000Pa Strong Suction; Steel cyclone filtration x HEPA

● Added intelligent BMS battery management to reduce loss and utilization, and last up to 30 minutes, complete living room, bedroom, etc.

● Infrared sensing, anti-UV leakage

● Dust cup ,filter can be washed

SpecificationBrand: Deerma
Model: CM1900
Max Suction: ≥6000Pa 
Rated Voltage: 14.4V
Rated Power: 120W
Charging Time: 5H 
Battery Life (Standard Gear / High Gear): 30min / 16min
Voltage: 220V
Plug: CN 
We will send you an adapter which according to your country
Battery InformationBattery Type: Li-ion battery
Battery Capacity: 2200mAh
DimensionProduct Weight: 2.276 kg 
Product Size (L x W x H): 33.50 x 22.50 x 17.00 cm
Package Contents1 x Host, 1 x Base Assembly, 1 x Suction Nozzle, 1 x Two-in-one Combination Flat Suction, 1 x Cleaning Brush, 1 x Manual
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