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Tagliacapelli Xiaomi Mijia

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Tagliacapelli Xiaomi Mijia con certificazione waterproof lPX7, batteria da 2200mAh per 3 ore di utilizzo, pettini regolabili, accessori inclusi.

– Titanium-coated Ceramic KnifeThe first titanium-coated ceramic knife is made with a recognizable metal coating widely used in aerospace. Long-lasting sharpness and smooth running while maintaining better temperature control.

– Long Battery EnduranceUsing 2200mAh large-capacity lithium battery, Type-C interface, it can last up to 180min with one charge, meeting the needs of family haircuts. At the same time, it supports charging and using to get rid of battery anxiety. Novice masters have enough time.

– Powerful & Low NoisePowerful and high-torque power, excellent shearing force, easy to cope with different hair types. While cutting efficiently, the noise can be easily maintained at 50dB(A)*.

– Rounded Blade to Keep SafeThe specially designed double-sided rounded blade teeth are round and comfortable close to the scalp, and there is no need to worry about skin damage, which is safe and worry-free.

– Oil-lacking RemindThe self-developed algorithm accurately calculates the current size, and the automatic light reminds when the oil is lacking, so as to avoid the lack of oil in the cutter head and affect the user experience, and even the hairdresser knows when to drip the oil.

– Suitable for the whole familyComparable to professional hair salon scissors performance. 5-stage movable knife adjustment, the fine round inch also needs a natural and smooth transition. Easily trim sideburns and neck contours. 7 big haircut accessories help you get started easily and realize your ideal hairstyle.

Product NumberLFQ02KL
Product ColorBlack
Charging Time2.5 hours
Rated Voltage3.7V
Rated Power3W
Input Parameters5V=1A
Host Size47×45×182mm/1.8×1.7×7.1in
Host Net Weight266g

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