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234€ per Proiettore Xiaomi Wanbo T6 Max con COUPON

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Proiettore Xiaomi Wanbo T6 Max

234€ 440€
🇪🇺Spedizione Veloce INCLUSA da Europa (No Dogana)

Proiettore Xiaomi Wanbo T6 Max

249€ 440€
🇪🇺Spedizione Veloce INCLUSA da Europa (No Dogana)

Proiettore Xiaomi Wanbo T6 Max con risoluzione nativa 1080p, 550 ANSI, Android 9.0, RAM 2Gb, comodo design ottimizzato per il trasporto, speakers integrati, Wi-Fi Dual Band, Autofocus e tanto altro.

– Native 1080P full HD with 550 ANSI Lumens high brightness,provide ultra-high-definition and high-brightness viewing experience

– 2+16GB and Android 9.0,large screen intelligent system, visit internet directly,one-click installation with various applications freely,massive source of movies

– Electric-focus Keep freely,T6Max focus automatically when booting or moving, clearpicture keeps as it is as always- Al voice control.Your instructions, listening at any time, Al intelligent voicecontrol, everything is controlled with one word
-Support side projection with 4-point keystone correction ,square picture can be maintained no matter in living room or bedroom, no matter facing straightly or not

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