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222€ per Mini Lavastoviglie BlitzWolf BW-CDW1 con COUPON

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Mini Lavastoviglie BlitzWolf BW-CDW1

222€ 310€
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Mini Lavastoviglie BlitzWolf BW-CDW1 ad alta capacità (4-6 portate) con controllo app intelligente, 2 modalità di carico acqua, 5 modalità di lavaggio, asciugamento antibatterico sterilizzante, display LED, facile installazione.

● APP Smart Control:You can check dishwasher status in real time and set timer for dishwashing.

● Dual Modes of Water Inlet:You can add water to the tank directly or attach the dishwasher to the tap,which means that no worries about modifying waterways and cabinets. Also it is ideal for small-sized houses, apartments, dorms, boats and campers/RVs.

Five Washing Programs: Designed with 5 washing programs, including standard, Quick, Strong, ECO, Fruit, which fulfilling your daily requirements; Standard mode is suitable for most common dishware; Quick mode only needs 29 minutes to satisfy  basic washing; ECO mode can save power and water; Fruit mode is designed for you who want to clean specific items.

● 3D 360° Spiral Spray Washing: 360° Powerful Cleaning,Up&Down Double Spray Arms,High pressure washing and full-angle 3D spraying cover every corner and remove stains thoroughly and effectively,which gives you the perfect dishwashing experience.

● Large Capacity: Home for 4-6 sets of tableware(20 dishes), and also equipped with bowl basket, knife& fork basket.

● Drying Function: After cleaning,fast drying function can prevent bacteria growth and ensure health and safety.

● Sterilization System :75℃ high temperature makes the sterilization rate be as high as 99.99%.Ensure clean and health home life.

Washing Method:5 Washing Program:Standard,Quick,Strong,ECO,Fruit Washing
Dry:Hot Wind 
Tableware Loading Capacity: Home for 4-6 Sets (20 dishes)
Standard Water Consumption:5L (Energy-saving washing)
Innet Pressure:0.3-1MPa
Control Method:Touch Control
Power: 900W
Voltage: 220V-240V
PlugEU Plug 
DimensionProduct weight: 12 kg
Product size: 51x 48 x 52cm 
Package Contents Countertop Dishwasher*1  Manual*1, Water Cup*1, Adjustable Clamp*1, Drain Pipe*1. Bowl Basket Set*1
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