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20€ per Mini Deumidificatore Deerma DEM-CS10M/DEM-CS50M con COUPON

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Mini Deumidificatore Deerma DEM-CS10M/DEM-CS50M

20€ 31€
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Mini Deumidificatore Deerma DEM-CS10M/DEM-CS50M con sistema di deumidificazione a polimeri, raggio d’azione 385m², 3 settimane di autonomia.

-No Consumables
Recyclable dehumidification without consumables, environmental protection

-360°Comprehensive Moisture Absorption
360° comprehensive moisture absorption, wet and dry visualization window, suitable for multiple spaces

-PTC Heating Drying
Recyclable, PTC heating and drying

-Long Lasting Moisture Absorption
600g large-capacity dehumidification particles, only need to heat and dry for 12-15h, it can last 2-3 weeks all-weather moisture absorption

-Wet & Dry Visualization Window
Transparent visualization window, dry and wet state at a glance, magic moisture absorption beads can automatically change color when wet, orange beads absorb water and change dark green

-Multi-space Application
Deerma Mini Dehumidifier uses a cylindrical body, dense dehumidification hole 360 ° large area around the fuselage, increasing the moisture absorption area, 385m2 wide range improves the efficiency of moisture absorption

BrandDeerma ( XIAOMI Cooperation Brand ) 
Model DEM-CS10M/DEM-CS50M(International Model)
Material ABS Flame Retardant Material
Color White 
Weight 800g
Size 7.5 x 7.5 x 20.6 cm / 2.95 x 2.95 x 8.11 Inches 
Rated Voltage / Frequency220V – 50Hz
Rated Power20W
This product is suitable for space with area ≤5m2
Hygroscopic Particles ColorOrange (Dry)
Dark Green (Wet)
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